Celtic Renewables’ Tech Turns Whiskey Residue into Green Chemicals!

Industry: Green Chemicals from Byproducts   
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

While EVs get the headlines in the fight to reduce climate change and carbon emissions, you can’t tackle climate change without finding a way to also get the petroleum out of petrochemicals. It is in everything our modern society uses – from food to pharmaceuticals, to household cleaners, personal care products and more.

In today’s episode of the Angel Nest podcast, we meet Celtic Renewables, emerging leaders in the green chemical revolution. They’re taking the residue from whiskey distilling and rejected potatoes to make Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol, which can be replaced in products that would have been made with fossil fuels. 

Their timing couldn’t be better either as companies need to get to “net zero” carbon emissions and consumers are demanding a greener planet. Celtic Renewables has a plant, IP and a list of 70 clients who are already working with their products to create a greener, more sustainable planet.

Celtic Renewables founder and CEO Mark Simmers and Mark Bamforth, his early and frequent investor, join us to talk about green chemicals and their positive impact on the environment and their clients’ bottom lines.

To learn more about Celtic Renewables, visit www.celtic-renewables.com

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