Foodini Lets Dietary Restricted Diners Dine Out With Confidence

Industry: Food/Healthcare App
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Everyone is watching their diet, and it’s not just calories anymore. Heightened awareness about allergies and intolerances – along with the food-as-medicine movement – has led to a whole host of issues that people are trying to solve for themselves with smarter eating. But what do you do when you eat out? How do you know what’s really in that food?  Well, there’s an app for that. Today, we meet Foodini.

This episode of the Angel Nest’s First Look series introduces us to Dylan McDonnell co-founder and CEO of Foodini and one of his restaurant clients, Martin Cournane from Lady Gregory’s Restaurant in Chicago.  

The Foodini app promises to give people confidence to enjoy restaurant meals without breaking their diet or experiencing a potential allergic reaction. Martin also says Foodini is not only the right thing to do for his restaurant’s customers, but it’s also helping his business. 

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