Demand for Celtic Renewables’ Green Chemicals Exceeds Supply. That’s Good News.

Industry: Green Chemicals from Byproducts   
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Celtic Renewables is revolutionizing their industry by replacing harmful petrochemicals with biologically derived “green” chemicals for a more sustainable future. 

In this episode of the Angel Nest podcast, we’re joined by their founder and CEO Mark Simmers, who has been on a 12-year mission to source Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol to the companies everywhere that use them to make many of the products we use every day like medicines, decaf coffee, cleaning products and even cosmetics.

Bettina Brierley, who is in charge of sales and distribution for Celtic Renewables, describes the growing number of sectors and multinational businesses that are waiting for their eco-friendly solution.

And, Mark Bamforth, an early investor, joins us to provide his perspective on the market and the worldwide potential for green chemicals.

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