Find Your Angel! Investor Heidi Diamond and Johnnie Walker Tell You How

Industry: CFO and advisory services for Startups; Angel investor 
Location: San Jose, CA and New York, NY

The path for founders to get their business funded is increasingly challenging. How long will this environment last and what can founders do now to get access to the capital they need to grow? 

In this episode, another in our series with Johnnie Walker of Rooled Outsourced CFO and Accounting Services, we’ll talk about the challenges and opportunities facing these startups. 

We’re joined in the discussion by angel investor Heidi Diamond. Heidi is one investor who really gets involved with her startups and provides more than money. She is a partner at 125 Ventures, an active board member and a consultant who specializes in revenue growth and marketing, skills she honed at The Food Network and as a top executive at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

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Key Contacts

Johnnie Walker, Rooled 

Heidi Diamond, 125 Ventures

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