From Angel to “A” Round: Getting Funded Today

Industry: CFO and advisory services for startups; Global VC for women-led startups 
Location: San Jose, CA and New York, NY

A tightening VC market and a higher interest rate economy has made it much more difficult to get past the “friends and family” round and to the big A-Round of funding. 

In this first episode of our second season, we’ve again teamed up with Johnnie Walker of Rooled, the start-up finance experts who provide outsourced accounting and CFO services. This series talks to investors and founders about how ventures are getting funded today.

One person at the forefront of the A-Round discussion is Victoria Pettibone, chief investment officer at Astia. She and her firm recently launched the Astia Venture Fund to help female-led companies get the crucial Series A & B rounds of funding. Currently, just 3% of venture capital investment goes to women entrepreneurs.

She joins us and shares an optimistic view of the market. “The challenges may be a little but different but they’re always surmountable,” she says. Victoria also shares background on how Astia finds and analyzes potential investments and how they stay engaged to help founders thrive. 

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Key Contacts

Johnnie Walker, Rooled 

Victoria Pettibone, Astia 

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