Rooled and Beat Ventures on Funding for AI Founders

Industry: CFO and advisory services for Startups; Venture capital firm for AI-focused Startups 
Location: San Jose and San Francisco, CA 

The technology is already changing the world, but where are people actually making (and saving) money from AI?

We continue our series of podcasts with Johnnie Walker of Rooled Outsourced CFO and Accounting Services about how founders are getting funded in this new environment. Rooled are startup finance experts and early adopters of AI.  

David and Johnnie also welcome Colin Rogister to The Angel Nest in this episode. Colin and his partner at Beat Ventures find and invest in the companies that are using AI to make money and save money today. Beat has invested in more than 30 companies which include 3 exits, 2 unicorns and 1 IPO. 

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And, check out past episodes in this series in the Angel Nest archives.

Key Contacts

Johnnie Walker, Rooled 

Colin Rogister, Beat Ventures

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