Outgo Fintech Platform Helps Truckers Get More Income!

Industry: Fintech for Frieght Transportation 
Location: Seattle, WA

There is a revolution happening in how America moves freight, and we are not talking about EVs or hybrids. Trucking companies, including many smaller fleets, are quickly professionalizing their financial management with the help of a modern payments platform for invoicing, financing and payments.

In this episode of the Angel Nest podcast, we meet Outgo which Bain Capital says it’s one of the top 50 emerging fintech SaaS companies in America.

This is another of our series of podcasts with Johnnie Walker of Rooled Outsourced CFO and Accounting Services about how founders are getting funded in today’s environment. Rooled are the startup finance experts.  

We are also joined by Marcus Womack, the founder and CEO of Outgo. Marcus shares the inspiration for starting the company and where he sees the most potential growth for Outgo within the freight industry. 

For more information about Outgo, visit outgo.com.
Connect with the Rooled team at rooled.com.

Key Contacts

Johnnie Walker, Rooled 

Marcus Womack, Outgo 

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