On A Mission to Expand Medical Self Testing From Home

Industry: Medical Diagnostics   
Location: London and New York City

The pandemic made home testing common for COVID, but now it’s possible to diagnose all kinds of acute and even chronic conditions without leaving your home. It’s the next revolution in tech and AI-enabled healthcare designed to save lives, time and money. 

In this episode of the Angel Nest podcast, we meet TachMed founder Paul Christie and COO Mark Kessler. Their company is changing the way we diagnose illness and makes it possible to do from home much of what has always required a visit to a doctor or clinic. 

We’re also joined by TachMed’s FDA and IP attorney Jeremiah Kelly from Venable LLP who shares how TachMed will launch and stay ahead of the competition. 

Read more about TachMed, visit tachmed.com

Key Contacts

Paul Christie, TachMed

Mark Kessler, TachMed

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