Rooled and TrueWind Partner to Help Clients get Funded in 2024

Industry: CFO and advisory services for startups; AI-powered accounting and financial software 
Location: San Jose and San Francisco, CA

Entrepreneurs are 100 percent focused on their big idea, as it should be. But investors and early customers want to know the finances are solid. 

In this episode of the Angel Nest podcast, we talk with Johnnie Walker from Rooled, outsourced accounting and CFO services, and Alex Lee from Truewind, an AI powered bookkeeping and finance software for startups. Together, they’re forming a partnership to help companies launch that are investable and ready to win. 

This is another in the continuing series of partnership podcasts with Rooled that focuses on the state of the start-up world, including the importance of financial reporting and how Rooled has helped their clients achieve their goals and financial success. 

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Key Contacts

Johnnie Walker, Rooled 

Alex Lee, Truewind 

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