A Micro VC Who Maximizes Access for Angel Investors

Industry: CFO and advisory services for startups; Micro VC for B2B startups 
Location: San Jose, CA and Saratoga Springs, NY

Individual investors are not always welcomed into hot startup VC funds. Micro VC Mike Kocan of Outbound Capital is changing that and in this episode you’ll learn how this former Accenture consultant and fund manager is making B2B software bets accessible to angel investors. 

This is another in the continuing series of partnership podcasts with Johnnie Walker from Rooled, outsourced CFO, accounting, and consulting experts. Rooled are the startup finance experts and this group of programs is examining the state of the start-up world, including the importance of financial reporting and how Rooled has helped their clients achieve their goals and financial success.

Mike’s micro VC approach will be of interest to a lot of our angel investors because he doesn’t just look for institutional money. He involves individual and angel investors in his funds which specialize in B2B business solutions. 

See Rooled online at rooled.com.
Learn more about Outbound Capital at outboundcap.com.

Key Contacts

Johnnie Walker, Rooled 

Mike Kocan, Outbound Capital 

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