Startup Finance Experts Rooled and Finerva Go Global to Help Clients Get Funded

Industry: CFO and advisory services for Startups
Location: San Jose, CA; London

Business is now global so shouldn’t your financial consultants also offer worldwide expertise?

In another of our continuing partnership podcasts with Rooled, outsourced CFO and accounting services, we examine the state of the startup world and the importance of financial reporting. Company president Johnnie Walker shares how Rooled has helped their clients to achieve financial success. 

Our guests also include Adam Brodie of London-based Finerva who is partnering with Rooled to help companies grow across borders and Richard Little, a leading angel investor in the UK and chairman of OneID, a digital identity platform that exclusively uses outsourced accounting and CFO services. 

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Johnnie Walker, Rooled 

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