New North Ventures Propels Firms with Proven Dual-Purpose Technologies

Industry: Venture Capital
Location: Boston, MA 
Funding Stage: Seed to $10 million

Where do prudent investors turn in uncertain times? The team at New North Ventures has found a niche leveraging their industry and national security connections to advance technologies that can serve both. They provide capital and connections to companies with proven technologies that are ready for new markets. 

New North’s “sweet spot” is AI, Cybersecurity and next generation communications.

New North Ventures partners Jeremy Hitchcock and Brett Davis join us for a conversation on the Angel Nest along with Steven Witt of Anno AI, a New North Ventures portfolio company. Anno uses AI to leverage data generated by sensors – taking the value of that data to a whole new level

Learn more about New North Ventures at
And, find more about Anno AI at

Key Contacts

Jeremy Hitchcock

Brett Davis

Steven Witt

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