Here’s Why Veterans Make Great Entrepreneurs

Industry: Venture Capital
Location: Knoxville, TN 
Funding Stage: Seed to $10 million

It stands to reason that entrepreneurs with military backgrounds have many of the same qualities investors look for in founders. And yet, they are 30% less likely to find venture capital. 

In this episode of the Angel Nest podcast, we welcome Darren Burrell, of Veteran Ventures Capital. Darren served in the U.S. Air Force which gave him discipline, focus and mental agility – all skills he would later use to succeed in business. His fund, Veteran Ventures, invests exclusively in entrepreneurs with military background. That’s not only to support those that served but also because they have unique domain expertise. And, because Darren knows why veterans are a good bet.

Bill Reny, an U.S. Air Force vet and founder/CEO of SEE ID, also joins us. Veteran Ventured backed his company which provides real-time IOT asset tracking to government and private sector clients. Thanks in part to that funding and mentorship, SEE ID is seeing explosive growth. 

We’ll discuss how SEE ID and other veteran-led companies are turning their unique experiences into new business success.

You can learn more about Veteran Ventures at
And, find SEE ID online at at

Key Contacts

Derren Burrell 

Bill Reny

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