XIRA Helps Consumers Find Lawyers and Helps Lawyers Manage Their Practice

Industry: Service Provider Platform
Location: Boston, MA 
Funding Stage: Seed to $10 million

Where do you find a good lawyer? And, if you’re a lawyer, where do you find clients if you’re not part of a big firm? Many consumers are intimated when choosing a lawyer and price sensitive to the large law firms which often have to charge big fees. 

Enter Xira, a platform designed to connect independent lawyers and clients. Xira seems to be well-positioned for this current moment. After the Covid pandemic, more clients seem to be willing to work online and more lawyers are looking to be independent, making this a potentially great time for Xira to grow.

In this episode, we speak with company founder Reza Ghaffari and one of his first investors Bob Leggett, who envisions a future for Xira well beyond just the current platform. We’ll also hear from attorney Joseph Semartino who has used the platform to help grow his practice.

Learn more about Xira at https://xira.com.

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Reza Ghaffari

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