UPDATE on BrandVerge, an online marketplace for ad buyers and sellers

In this episode, we get an update from BrandVerge. It’s been a very busy year for the company since we met them in Episode 3.

Founders Lynn Browne and Mollie Kehoe and BrandVerge advisor Scott Schiller from the Engine Group talk about the start-up’s growth and some of the lessons learned along the way toward profitability.

Industry: Advertising
Location: New York
Funding Stage/Run Rate: Post-Seed

BrandVerge is a digital marketing service that is swiftly shifting the media partnership ecosystem. As the first two-sided marketplace for premium advertisers, BrandVerge acts as a matchmaking platform that connects media properties and advertisers to significantly cut the time of the traditional partnership process, increase transparency and creativity, and provide the best experiences for their clients.

The BrandVerge mission is to create the industry’s favorite destination to discover unique premium media opportunities.


Key Contacts

Mollie Kehoe

Lynn Browne

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