Meet RestauRent, the App for Planning (and Booking) Private Events

Industry: Event Planning App
Location: Austin, TX

OpenTable and Resy apps have streamlined restaurant reservations, but what about private events? They’re still pretty much stuck in the dark ages of Google searches, emails and phone calls. 

In this episode of the Angel Nest, we meet a serial entrepreneur who is changing that with his new company, RestauRent.

Nick Cianfaglione already has one successful venture exit under his belt. Now he wants to streamline the events business. He joins us to talk about his one-stop shop for finding the perfect space for any event or gathering. The app allows users to easily search, discover and book the perfect space with catering menus and filters by location, party sizes, pricing, event type, and more. 

Venues are also eager to sign up to be in the app because it allows them to tap into some of the millions of dollars of event bookings that they never even knew about because they didn’t have the staff to field the inquiries or customers didn’t know about the venue’s options. 

Key Contacts

Nick Cianfaglione, RestauRent

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