Choosing not to do your own accounting can pay dividends for start-ups

Industry: Outsourced Accounting and CFO for Startups
Location: New York City
Funding Stage: Taking Clients from Seed to Series A

You have to wear a lot of hats to succeed as a start-up CEO, but sometimes the most important decisions are what you choose not to do yourself. In this episode, David talks with Johnnie Walker, the co-founder of Rooled, an outsourced accounting, consulting and on-demand CFO service.

Rooled lets companies focus on their core mission and not their accounting on a daily basis. We’re also joined by his client Jimmy Chen from Propel, a for-profit, venture-backed, social impact business that is helping low-income Americans improve their finances with tech. Jimmy’s mission was born during his time at Blue Ridge Labs.

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Key Contacts

Johnnie Walker 

Jimmy Chen

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