How Raising Partners helped get Zero Petroleum off the Ground and into the Guinness Book of World Records

Industry: Venture Capital for Founders
Location: London; Edinburgh, Scotland 
Funding Stage: Seed to Series A

Raising Partners helps founders in the United Kingdom find financing from private investors and, so far, they’ve raised more than 60 million pounds for over 175 companies. 

In this episode, we’ll speak with Raising Partners’ co-founder Helena Murphy and senior investment manager Alex Rowe about how they support startup founders. 

We’ll also talk with one of their clients, Paddy Lowe. He’s the founder of Zero Petroleum. His company is making fossil-free fuels – synthesized by the recycling of water and atmospheric carbon dioxide. They’ve recently secured a Guinness World Record, in partnership with the Royal Air Force. It’s for the first flight ever to be powered entirely by synthetic aviation fuel. 

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And, learn about Zero Petroleum at

Key Contacts

Helena Murphy 

Alex Rowe 

Paddy Lowe 

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