Vizbee Syncs Your Devices (even your TV). Here’s How Rooled Helped Secure the Financing They Needed to Succeed.

Industry: Connected Devices (Vizbee) and Outsourced Accounting/CFO services for Startups (Rooled)
Location: New York City
Funding Stage: Series A, B 

How do small startups attract the big partnerships they need to succeed? 

In this episode, we talk with Darren Feher of Vizbee on how he bootstrapped his way to collaborations with Fortune 500 media companies and how his partnership with Johnnie Walker at Rooled helped him do it.

If you’ve ever wondered how the content from all your internet devices syncs up and even matches what you watch on smart TV, Darren can explain. His company’s software allows your mobile devices to sync seamlessly behind the scenes and even helps deliver the content that you actually want to see. 

We’re also joined by Johnnie Walker, the co-founder of Rooled outsourced accounting and CFO advisory services. Johnnie and his team have been working with Darren from the beginning. 

Read more about Vizbee at
And, learn about Rooled at

Key Contacts

Darren Feher, Vizbee

Johnnie Walker, Rooled 

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