Reflect Ventures Invests in Markets Where the Smartphone Revolution is Still Just Getting Started

Industry: Venture Capital to Emerging markets
Location: Shanghai, New York, Los Angeles... 
Funding Stage: Seed to $10 million

America has led the tech revolution, but now some smart investors are backing emerging market startups with similar models, huge addressable markets, and much less competition.

As high-tech ventures spread across the planet, Michael Friedman and Jor Law have discovered huge opportunities backing startups with similar business models to the giants except that they’re in emerging and frontier markets like Africa, Pakistan, and Morocco. 

Imagine investing in a place that’s starting to adopt the smartphone but you already know what the smartphone revolution can bring. 

Michael and Jor from Reflect Ventures are our guest for this episode of the Angel Nest Podcast. Learn more about their firm at

Key Contacts

Michael Friedman 

Jor Law 

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