How Rooled Helps Startups Get to the “A” Round!

Industry: CFO and advisory services for Startups
Location: San Jose, CA 

The best startups know what the customers want, but how do even the smartest CEOs know what investors want in order to finance the business?

Many startups find that their biggest challenge doesn’t come from customers, supply lines or technology. Often the toughest part of getting started is finding funding. That’s ironic because investment in startups skyrocketed in the years leading up to 2021, at its peak of $681 billion.

Things have gotten a lot tougher since then as many investors and VCs hold off on new investments or keep their powder dry and accessible in case one of their existing portfolio companies needs additional capital. 

In this episode, we talk with Johnnie Walker, the co-founder of outsourced accounting, CFO, and advisory services company Rooled, about raising the all-important “A” round of investing and how startups should prepare to meet the challenge.

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