Rocket Money Helps Subscribers Manage Their Finances. Rooled Helped Rocket Money Manage Growth.

Industry: Fintech App (Rocket Money) and Outsourced Accounting/CFO services for Startups (Rooled)
Location: Silver Spring, MA 

You don’t have to write checks to pay your bills anymore. But, tracking all the subscriptions, credit cards and automatic payments does get complicated.

In this episode of the Angel Nest podcast, we meet Haroon Mokhtarzada, founder of Rocket Money, whose millions of members save money managing their finances on his app. We also meet Johnnie Walker from Rooled, whose financial model helped the company track early adoption and grow.

We’ll discuss what has made Rocket Money take off so quickly and how the outsourced accounting and CFO firm Rooled helped them strategically manage finances to fuel hyper growth.

Check out the Rocket Money app at
And, learn about Rooled at

Key Contacts

Haroon Mokhtarzada, Rocket Money

Johnnie Walker, Rooled 

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