Platform Lets Users Turn Spare Change from Purchases into Crypto

Industry: FinTech App
Location: Richmond, VA 
Funding Stage: Seed to $10 million

There’s a new way to get in on the cryptocurrency investing craze and it is as easy as shopping. 

The Roundly X app gives small savers access to cryptocurrencies by letting them round up their purchases and applying that amount to their choice of more than 70 crypto assets. The app maker says rounding up by about $12.50 a week could yield investors over $8,100 in value for the year. 

The company is quickly growing their user base and already rounding up about $12,000 a day. Co-founder Andrew Elliot ascribes much of the company’s success to a unique partnership with angel investor Steve Walsh, known as the “hands-on angel” investor. They discuss micro-transactions and crypto with David on this episode of the Angel Nest podcast.

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Andrew Elliot

Steve Walsh

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